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Hike Metal Products Ltd


324 Milo Rd
Wheatley ON N0P 2P0



Since 1958, our company has grown steadily, supporting the local fishing industry by providing new vessels and ongoing repairs.

During the late 1970's and early 80's we recognized the need to re-define our corporate goals , and the strategies by which we were to achieve those goals. This in part included diversity and expansion of our product range of boats, ships and vessels we could build, including the delivery and after sales service of these for both domestic and global clients. Our facilities were restructured to provide the most efficient, modern and well-equipped shipbuilding, boatbuilding, and repair operation in the Great Lakes. This up-grading resulted in essentially the "re-birth" of the company into the world class boat builder we are known as today. We are strategically located on the northshore of Lake Erie, near Detroit, USA, and Windsor, Canada, with direct access to St. Lawrence Seaway. This allows us to reach key suppliers in North America and deliver our custom-built vessels to customers worldwide.

Our highly skilled team, many of whom have been with us since the company's inception, is one of our greatest assets. They pass on their skills of craftsmanship to younger generations. We maintain a "family" of "Master Boat Builders".

Stressing individual creativity and initiative, we have cultured an attitude of both pride and performance in every new boat or ship built, or repair turned out. This is evident in every phase of the process. Our team is constantly improving, raising the bar for quality and value. We have grown into a manufacturer that has one of the largest portfolios of rugged, high-performance custom built boats, vessels and ships in the world. Our reputation has grown to be internationally recognized for its versatility, reliability, and competitiveness. We're proud of our company and the quality vessels we build, but we're especially proud of our people who build them. We attribute our continued success to the value we place on human resources.


We eagerly look forward to your inquiries. Whether your planning new construction or in need of a repair or refit, you can be assured of our commitment to integrity and quality in every job we do.


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